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“We are consciousness in motion, our purpose is to persevere in the practice of self realization and illumination.”
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About Pablo

​Pablo’s style of facilitation is centered in a down-to-earth energy that speaks to self-awareness as catalyst for performance and service.

His experience offers insights rooted in over 15 years of proven skills as a mentor, life coach, speaker, and retreat facilitator to guide people on their path to mastery. He implements cutting-edge mentoring and teaching methodology based on principles of yoga, functional movement, and the psychology of truth.

Pablo has led workshops, retreats, and certification programs for clients and brands around the world. These brands include Microsoft, Lululemon, NBC, and the Miami Dolphins.

Pablo’s facilitation style, rooted in down-to-earth energy, speaks to self-awareness as a catalyst for performance and service. His conscious living artistry inspires curiosity about one’s inner landscape as a reflection of the world we create individually and together.

In order to create unique transformational experiences, Pablo masterfully bridges wisdom from different global energies. He incorporates:

Teachings from the East, such as yoga, meditation and breathwork

Teachings from South America such as indigenous cosmology, plant medicine work and integration

Teachings from the modern West such as personal & professional coaching, modern mindfulness and breaking through limiting beliefs

Pablo brings to his private clients and retreat participants his extensive master-level workshop design and facilitation experience to help high level executives, leaders and entrepreneurs awaken to their full potential.

Currently Pablo works for

- Reunion Experiences Costa Rica as a mastery program designers and facilitator for high level leadership retreats

- furthermore he creates, designs and leads cutting edge and transformative retreat experiences for clients around the world, including corporate seminars and executive training programs

- Pablo also serves as a personal life and radical transformation coach for people to break free from limitations and fulfill their most ambitious dreams.

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The 3 pillars of my proven framework


Pablo offers a uniquely integrated and holistic approach to health, fitness and wellbeing. Scientifically tested systems of fitness that generate incredible results. A plethora of functional and natural movement exercises, as an intuitive approach to nutrition and lifestyle management, coaching techniques and frameworks that unifies all of that into a powerful life movement journey! We focus on rest, nutrition, and movement as the foundation to health.


Pablo's approach to coaching goes beyond traditional methods of problem-solving and instead focuses on the power of positive change through Adaptive Inquiry. By inviting clients to share stories of good practice, successes, and things they are proud of, Pablo works with them to identify key values and create a vision for the future. Together, they determine the necessary actions to achieve that vision in both the short and long term, leading to a holistic and transformative experience.


Pablo's coaching approach incorporates the spiritual practice of transformation, which encompasses the personal renewals that come with spiritual awakening, conversion, mystical epiphany, and enlightenment. Through this practice, clients are able to deepen their connection with their Higher Self or Spirit and shed old ways that have become burdens. Pablo believes that no matter who you are or what has already happened in your life, it is always possible to be and do something new. This transformative process can be achieved through simple changes, such as taking a new route to work or breaking a habit, signaling to the Spirit that you are open to change and willing to be an agent of change in the world.

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